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The Real Food Challenge (RFC) is simply about eating more real food and less processed food. Participants learn how processed food could be causing them harm and how real foods can be a source of energy, vitality and happiness.

Our recommendations aren’t complicated or trendy, we know there are no quick fixes.  The focus is on practical, common sense tips that don’t change with the latest headline. Busy corporate professionals don’t have time for long lectures and complex recipes. We get to point quickly making it easy.


Grow Culture: We help grow a culture of caring, support, team work and family beyond the organization. Collaboration can occur online, in-person and on the phone so it’s a great way to integrate in-office and remote workers. Our approach is about adding more vs. deprivation and about the journey of learning and experiencing real foods.  It creates a caring, supportive culture and mindfulness

Employee Health: Participants feel more energy and empowered with their new knowledge and their ability to eat food that fuels their body simply. They walk away with an intrinsic understanding that they CAN do it and it’s not too hard or time consuming.

Culture + Health = Increased Productivity: Employees will be more productive, energized and creative. This program retains and attracts your employees because they know the organization values them as a  “whole” person. The “whole” person means not just their work productivity but their personal health and their families health.  Employees are more loyal and work harder when they know their company cares about them as a “whole” person.


The RFC lasts for 3 weeks. The first week is for preparation and the actual challenge lasts for two weeks.

  • 4 live calls with certified holistic health coaches focused on:
    • Pre-Challenge Preparation
    • Kick-Off
    • Mid-way Check-In
    • Celebration!
  • 1:1 email support for the duration of the challenge and 1 week after the celebration for all participants.
  • Critical tools to make your RFC a success
    • Playbook: everything you need to get started
    • Workbook: plan for and track the RFC
    • What to Eat: guide to the everything that is IN and OUT for the RFC
    • Recipes:  Over 60 delicious, simple real food recipes and Sample Meal Plans
  • Email blasts with timely information to keep challengers on track and engaged
  • Online community to support and keep you motivated monitored and supported by the health coaches.
  • A list of recommendations for healthy snacks, prizes and Office Snack Attacks.

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