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Today I recieved my mid-certificate, sounds uneventful but it means that I have sufficiently completed course requirements of my health coaching program and am officially able to start seeing clients.  It is kind of ironic that I’m launching this new website and business the same week I’m dreaming about a certain piece of pie with whipped cream that I’ll be eating in 3 days.  My point is that, while I’m wholly devoted to living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same I’ll still eat pie on Thanksgiving.  However, I plan to make this a week of wellness leading up to that pie by keeping these simple things in mind.

1. Drink Water

It’s so easy and is so good for you. There are so many benefits to drinking water from helping to maintain the balance of your bodily fluids to keeping your skin looking good.  A water provides, clean healthy water.  Plus, every glass of water is one less glass of something else.

2. Eat More Veggies

Filling your plate all week and during the big meal with healthy vegetables leaves less room for the less nutritious foods.  Tasting buttery mashed potatoes or a holiday dessert when you aren’t starving is the key to having just that, a taste.

3. Get Some Exercise

A little exercise is a great stress reducer during hectic family gatherings and for me is a great motivator to eat right.  I don’t like to “waste” a good workout by eating lots of junk afterwards. Try to find time for a quick run, walk with family or even an xbox game with the kids.

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