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Healthy Green Juice? Not So Fast!

Carrying around a green drink can make us (ok, me) feel virtuous and healthy:)  But bottles of green juice and smoothies instead of diet soda isn’t all good news. Most of them contains lots of added sugars and not as much of those healthy ingredients as you would think. A new smoothie at Robeks called,

#1 Tip for a Healthy Holiday

  It is an old adage that still proves relevant today.  Start each morning with a nutritious and filling breakfast. It will help you balance your energy and your cravings throughout the day. When I eat healthy in the morning, I’m more motivated to stick with it the rest of the day AND I don’t

6 Healthy Tips for a Night Out with Friends

  Many people eat well when cooking at home but lose control when dining out.  But going out to eat is fun, it’s how we socialize with friends and sometimes it’s even required for our jobs.  The best thing to do is plan before you go.  Try these 6 tips for eating healthy when dining

Kid’s Favorite Smoothie

  Kid’s love those colorful Go-Gurt yogurts but they are loaded with extra sugar, modified corn starch, carrageenan and other artificial ingredients and food dyes.  Plus, they are made with low-fat yogurt, removing all of the good and filling fats.  I know, we used to believe that low-fat was best, but the evidence is overwhelming

Holistic Hot Toddy

While it is tempting to share healthy eating tips to help you keep those New Year’s Resolutions, I can’t resist sharing my Holistic Hot Toddy Recipe instead.  Similar drinks are often recommended as a remedy for a cold or flu for good reason.  This version is rich in nutrients and tastes delicious.  It is a

Mid-Certified Health Coach in Falls Church & Pie

Today I recieved my mid-certificate, sounds uneventful but it means that I have sufficiently completed course requirements of my health coaching program and am officially able to start seeing clients.  It is kind of ironic that I’m launching this new website and business the same week I’m dreaming about a certain piece of pie with whipped

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