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6 Healthy Tips for a Night Out with Friends

  Many people eat well when cooking at home but lose control when dining out.  But going out to eat is fun, it’s how we socialize with friends and sometimes it’s even required for our jobs.  The best thing to do is plan before you go.  Try these 6 tips for eating healthy when dining

Healthy Halloween? – Healthy Ideas for Trick-or-Treat

  Halloween is huge at our house.  You can’t beat scary decorations, fun costumes, pumpkin carving and of course CANDY!   As a mother and health coach I find it a challenge.  I take the unorthodox approach of letting my kids eat as much as they want on Halloween.  They eat ALOT but also taste alot

Annual Apple Taste Test

  Most nights, I announce that we are having fruit for dessert and I’m met with groans and whines.  This time of year, I announce our Annual Apple Taste Test and I actually hear cheers.  It is kind of like a wine tasting. Apples are highly nutritious with numerous health benefits and so easy to

Inspiration from Mind in Motion and Miraval Resort

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Leigh Weinraub, a self-described, “champion motivator and action based therapist.”  Leigh is a former competitive tennis player and coach turned therapist from the Miraval Resort in Tucsan, AZ where I first met her last winter.   I was excited about the chance to hear

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