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Many people eat well when cooking at home but lose control when dining out.  But going out to eat is fun, it’s how we socialize with friends and sometimes it’s even required for our jobs.  The best thing to do is plan before you go.  Try these 6 tips for eating healthy when dining out.

  1. Go online now, read the menu and pick 1 or 2 things to order. Plan any substitutions you might want, like a roasted vegetable on the side instead of pasta or potatoes.  You will be less tempted to order something unhealthy at the last minute.
  2. Drink a glass of water and a handful of almonds or tablespoon of almond butter before you go.  You won’t be starving when you sit down and eat the entire bread basket.
  3. Skip the bread.  I only eat bread if it is ridiculously good and really worth it.  Most places, it isn’t that great.
  4. Tell your friends if you aren’t eating sugar and that you might need their help and support during dessert.
  5. Have a drink if you want.  A glass of wine or a beer is better than a cocktail because you know what is in it and what isn’t.  No added sugar or sugary juice.
  6. Have fun! Eating mindfully and healthy shouldn’t mean feeling deprived.  You can enjoy a night out with friends and still feel your best.

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